Tuition & Fees

Invest in Your Child’s Learning

We aim to make our specialized learning programs for students with learning disabilities accessible to as many families as possible. Our tuition rates reflect our commitment to providing an affordable private school education tailored to children with learning differences.

Pace Brantley offers a spectrum of payment plans and financial assistance options, including scholarships, to support families of students with learning differences. Please contact our admissions team to discuss your needs.

While our programs do entail an investment, the lifelong impact they have on your child is truly invaluable. We empower each student with the skills, confidence, and individualized support they need to succeed academically and beyond.

Tuition and Fees







Enrollment Fees

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Sibling Discount

Registration Fee for Second Sibling


Morning and After Care Available

Morning Care

Cost:$50.00 per month

7:15 am-8:05 am daily

After Care

Cost:$150.00 per month

3:50pm-5:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
2:50pm-5:30pm Wednesday