Therapeutic Support Services

Integrated Therapeutic Services

At Pace Brantley Preparatory School, we have a full-time speech/language specialist that is Orton-Gillingham trained and we partner with independent providers to occupational therapy services on our campus for students who need them. Families work with the therapist to determine frequency, and delivery method of therapeutic interventions based on each student’s needs.

Our school employs two full-time guidance counselors who support students socially and emotionally throughout the school day. Our counselors provide resources, referrals, and guidance around well-being to both students and families. However, they do not offer private counseling services in or outside of school.

By integrating these services within our academic environment, we provide comprehensive support that empowers our students holistically. Our on-site therapy partnerships, counseling staff, and family collaboration give students the tools to thrive academically and personally at Pace Brantley.