Planting the Seeds of Success

The Pace Brantley Preparatory School Agriculture Program teaches students different aspects of agriculture in a hands-on environment.

Pace Brantley students gain hands-on experience through our robust Agriculture Program. This program provides an immersive environment for students to learn all facets of planting, growing, and harvesting produce.

The program features a fully equipped greenhouse, garden beds, and aquaponics system. In the greenhouse, students propagate seeds, care for seedlings, and study plant health. In the garden, they plant crops, tend to their vegetable patches, and track growth. Aquaponics allows students to explore sustainable fish farming and connecting aquatic and plant ecosystems.

Students get to experience the full “farm-to-table” process. They harvest the vegetables, herbs, and produce grown on campus and sell them at our student-run Garden Market. Some crops are used in culinary classes to provide farm-fresh ingredients.

Through authentic experiences, our Agriculture Program instills an appreciation of plants, food systems, and the environment. Students gain practical skills and knowledge to last a lifetime, while exploring potential careers in agriculture, business, and sustainability. Academic concepts come alive as students nurture life from seed to harvest.

Applying Our Learnings

Showcasing the incredible lessons learned as part of our Agriculture Program, our middle school classes recently created a Garden Digital Magazine. Each class had two topics and worked as teams to create the slides.




Program Includes:

  • Greenhouse
  • Aquaponics
  • Planting, Growing and Harvesting Crops
  • Soil and Fertilization
  • Garden Market
  • Culinary