Ambassador Hours


Pace Brantley requires each family to contribute 20 ambassador (volunteer) hours per school year.   There are numerous events and donation opportunities available to you to assist with this obligation.  All hours must be logged by you using the form found on our website.  This form is found under “My PBS” and then by clicking on “Ambassador Hours Log Form”.  You have the option to upload receipts if you purchase items and donate them to the school.

Remember, Ambassador Hours are part of your contract for enrollment. Ambassador Hours are a way for us to track the commitment and investment that each family makes to Pace Brantley throughout the school year. We would not be able to do what we do, each day, without the commitment of each family’s time and resources. Each family is part of our Pace Team.

Each family has 20 hour commitment to be an Ambassador. If you have more than one child that attends PBS, your family is still only responsible for a total of 20 hours.

You can log time spent on campus participating at events, off-campus at events, supporting Pace in the community, attending fundraising events, and the list goes on and on. We also allow you to solicit donations if you are unable to share your time with the school. Financial contributions or donations will be considered individually. 

For More Information on Ambassador Hours, you may download our Pace Brantley Ambassador Hours 2021_22


Ways to Earn Hours

The following are suggested ways parents can earn hours:

  • Attending Pacemaker Meetings or Pacemaker events
  • Chaperoning fieldtrips
  • Attending Coffee Chats
  • Donating teacher “wish list” items, water or food for school events, items requested by staff members for events such as Field Day, Water Day or specific classroom activities
  • Attending basketball games
  • Attending the school play or donating necessary items for our annual play/theatre performance
  • Donations for annual fundraiser
  • Attending the annual fundraiser
  • Volunteering at the Book Fair
  • Volunteering in the library
  • Volunteering or donating items for Prom

(Individual student classroom supply list items, SEP meetings, and tickets to attend events are not items that can be used toward your Ambassador Hours.  You may log your time at events but not the cost of attending the event.)

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding Ambassador Hours, please feel free to contact Lindsey New at