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A Special Note from Ms. Tapley, Head of School, for the 2020 Holiday Season

Dear Pace Families and Friends,

As we embark on the season of giving this year, I have so many thoughts about the months that came before this season. Most profoundly, the continuous phrase of, “for everything there is a season…” Those of you who are familiar with this verse, know how it continues. In thinking about all that we have experienced this year personally, professionally, as a society, and as a school community here at Pace Brantley School; I am reminded, for everything there is a season.

The season of back to school is one that we tremendously look forward to each year. We plan and prepare, we anticipate, we problem solve, and we eagerly await the excitement of children on our campus. The back to school season is a season of joy built on mental sweat and exhaustion yet lifted by hope for the year and student growth and learning.

A season that we are so proud of and one that has so many smiles.

So, as we enter this time of year where I come to you asking for you to consider Pace Brantley School as a place that you would so graciously make a donation as the year ends; I also come to you sharing this—-I truly feel Pace is entering its season. A season of transformation and growth. A season where we embark on a journey of restructuring physically so that our students can thrive educationally. We are looking for partners and investors as we prepare for this season. Individuals, families, and businesses that can share our vision and help us anticipate this season of change.

In this current season of giving, I hope you’ll consider Pace Brantley School by making a donation that represents your commitment to Pace. Any gift you make is meaningful and one that will be treasured. I am proud to say our faculty and staff have already made a special gift to Pace Brantley School this holiday season. Will you invest with them?

This year, we are looking to enhance and upgrade our classroom-based technology equipment. This includes updated Sound Fields for the classrooms and technology upgrades for teachers. Click here for a special message from our teachers and students about Sound Fields and iPads. Would you join us in making a gift toward these necessary enhancements for our students and staff? To make a gift today, click here to share your gift online.

As we prepare for the future seasons, I hope you will join me in spirit and support, being an advocate in the community and ambassador for Pace Brantley School. Sharing that we are looking for partners and investors as we embark on a season of growth. We couldn’t do it without you and your testimony of the good work that Pace does each day. The transformation that we have worked in the life of your child(ren) and their educational journey, and the hope that you have for the future.

In this season, I am grateful for you, your family, and your commitment to Pace Brantley School. I look forward to your continued support of Pace and hope that you are able to join me and my staff as we share a seasonal gift, a donation to Pace Brantley today.


With seasonal hope and promise,

Pam Tapley

While Pace Brantley’s mission is timeless, we must also stay at the forefront of today’s education environment to ensure the continuing success of our students and school.  Through continued support of our parents, community partners, and friends through our Annual Fund we are able to provide upgrades to technology and classroom furniture. We are also able to fund professional development and other operational expenses. The Pace Brantley Annual Fund is essential to our annual budget.
Unlike other private schools in the area, Pace Brantley is a school of need, not of choice.  Parents come here to fill a critical and fragile need for their children:  to close the gaps in their learning and overcome the broken school experiences in their past.  Scholarships from programs such as AAA, McKay and Gardiner Scholarships, if awarded, can help to offset these costs on an individual basis, but they will not cover the entire cost of the program for our student families.

A Special Note from Ms. Tapley, Head of School, 2019 Holiday End of Year Giving

Dear Pace Friend,

The other day, I was meeting with a gentleman and his wife in the community; they had a pretty big question for me, “What is the reason your students are successful at Pace versus a regular public school with support?” Listen, I know what we do here is magical. I know our teachers and students thrive and show their success in leaps and bounds. But, this, this question. I forget that people are still asking it and it is important that they know why. As we enjoyed our time together chatting, this is what I shared.

Growing up, remember how challenging it was to get your shoes on the right feet? You wanted that independence, the “I can dress myself, I don’t need help” feeling and often times you stated it to your parents. But, often times your shoes were on the wrong feet and then your mom, or dad, would have to fix it for you. Someone always fixed it for you until you figured it out on your own.

For many of our students and families their educational journey feels like they’ve been wearing shoes on the wrong feet, and no one fixed them. They showed up for their previous schools, with a little bit of an odd walk but nothing too noticeable, and they walked the walked; some for many years. Yet under those shoes, there were blisters forming, there was discomfort, there was never really any traction or pep to their steps. It was just uncomfortable and the problem of no one to fix this little, but significant thing to add comfort and satisfaction, never happened. So they kept walking, trying new rooms, new halls, new school entrances but they all just had that awkward rub, the nagging feeling that “something isn’t right” and “my child just isn’t successful—we don’t fit”.

Here we are, Pace Brantley School, where their shoes feel right, the right shoe is on the right foot, and the left shoe is on the left. Our students stand tall. The initial transition is a bit uncertain, as anything would after years of it feeling off, but days in and our students have pep. Pep in their step as they wave goodbye and jump out of the car in morning car line drop-off, large strides when they walk to class knowing they “fit” here with their peers and teachers, and often times that jumping step and eager burst of energy when they have something to share, something to contribute to their learning and class environment. At the end of the day, the skips, high fives, and proudful strides to leave knowing they are welcome here the next day, is astounding. And their parents, they breathe. They know their child finally feels settled, grounded, and accepted. Their shoulders are lighter, their stands stronger, and their smiles bigger.

This is what we do differently. This is why Pace is successful.

Will you join me in celebrating this success as we approach the end of the year? Just for curiosity, we love to be curious around here, I looked up the average price of sneakers in the United States, $75. Would you consider making a generous gift of $75.00 in honor of Pace being a place where these students have shoes that fit just right, and an educational opportunity to be successful?

I would be honored if you helped our students stand tall, and shared in the pride that we see each day, in the smiles and happiness of our students, and in the difference we make. If you are able to share a gift larger than $75.00 this time of year, I would encourage you to do so. And remember, any gift is important, and we are grateful for your support.

I am looking forward to a successful second half of the school year and would love to invite you to join me on a campus tour or to see just what we do each day. My door is always open and I am eager to share with you.

With Pep In My Step,

Ms. Pam Tapley Head of Schools

We have students from Pace Brantley School and they are well prepared to begin their undergraduate studies at Beacon College, as they have a tool kit for study.  The return on investment these kids get from Pace Brantley is exceptional.  Pace Brantley is a school that recently had a renaissance and now has a vision for the future to serve more students, and that’s what their major/capital gifts campaign is all about.  At Beacon College we have only two strategic secondary school partners—Pace Brantley here in Florida and Fletcher School in North Carolina.

Dr. George J. Hagerty
President, Beacon College

Watch our Chairman of the Board, Head of School, and a 2017 Alumni share the impact PBS makes and the need for continued investment from the community