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A Message from Head of School Pam Tapley

Dear Pace Families,

Our world is changing faster than ever before. We feel the winds of change blowing all around us – new technologies, new careers, new opportunities we could never have imagined in our own childhoods. Here at Pace Brantley, we strive to equip our students not just to weather these changes, but to discover the joy of boundless skies and all the amazing destinations.

Together, we are igniting a passion for learning in our students by encouraging their natural curiosity, empowering them to explore their passions and create a brighter future. Our expanding STEM programs, Agriculture program, and Creative Arts ignite their imagination. The new Makerspace on campus will be a launchpad for innovation, where their ideas can take flight.

We see the wonder in their eyes as they design and build unique projects in this space – robotic hearts, lungs, and arms that seem to breathe and move with life. Our students are like young scientists bringing their wildest dreams to reality. It is truly magical!

You know better than anyone the power of a Pace Brantley education to unlock potential and transform lives. I hope you feel that power every day when you pick up your child, glowing with creativity and confidence.

As we approach this season of giving thanks, I humbly ask you to open your heart and invest in the magic happening here. Your contribution will directly fuel the innovative programs that are shaping our students’ futures and lighting their paths.

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With your support, we can continue to nurture the leaders of tomorrow and swing wide the windows of opportunity for our students to soar.

Thank you for being part of our family and for entrusting us with your most precious gift.

-Pam Tapley

While Pace Brantley’s mission is timeless, we must also stay at the forefront of today’s education environment to ensure the continuing success of our students and school.  Through continued support of our parents, community partners, and friends through our Annual Fund we are able to provide upgrades to technology and classroom furniture. We are also able to fund professional development and other operational expenses. The Pace Brantley Annual Fund is essential to our annual budget.

Unlike other private schools in the area, Pace Brantley is a school of need, not of choice.  Parents come here to fill a critical and fragile need for their children:  to close the gaps in their learning and overcome the broken school experiences in their past.  Scholarships from programs such as AAA, McKay and Gardiner Scholarships, if awarded, can help to offset these costs on an individual basis, but they will not cover the entire cost of the program for our student families.

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We have students from Pace Brantley School and they are well prepared to begin their undergraduate studies at Beacon College, as they have a tool kit for study.  The return on investment these kids get from Pace Brantley is exceptional.  Pace Brantley is a school that recently had a renaissance and now has a vision for the future to serve more students, and that’s what their major/capital gifts campaign is all about.  At Beacon College we have only two strategic secondary school partners—Pace Brantley here in Florida and Fletcher School in North Carolina.

Dr. George J. Hagerty
President, Beacon College

Watch our Chairman of the Board, Head of School, and a 2017 Alumni share the impact Pace Brantley makes and the need for continued investment from the community