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A Message from Head of School Pam Tapley

Dear Pace Families,

This morning as I said my prayers I asked for wisdom and words as I do every morning. Today, it was even more heartfelt as recently I was told by our insurance agent that we would not receive any claim funding due to wind and storm damage. Many of you have experienced this yourselves and know the financial implications this has on getting replacement for severe damage. This year with the two hurricanes back-to-back, we sustained so much damage to our school campus.  The cost of repairs and replacement are over $100,000.

A huge blessing is our relationship with Cardi Construction, who helped us remove damaged trees and the pavilion to allow students and staff to safely return to campus. Unfortunately, there still is the cost of fence replacement, walkway replacement, cement replacement and the pavilion needing to be replaced. These items add up to over $65,000.00. This is above and beyond our budget as we are a tuition driven school.

In going back to our “End of Year” giving letter, we talked about how resilient our students are and that is something Pace Brantley shares with them. We are resilient! We have been through many things- hurricanes, storms, a pandemic, and we constantly continue to strive in our growth of programs in delivering top education to your child(ren). We are strong, we soar to new heights, we preserve, we are EAGLES.

Your contribution this year is deeply needed and much appreciated. We need to “raise the roof” this year. Raise it for our pavilion, raise it for our programs, raise it for our staff, and ultimately raise it all for our students! Will you help us “raise the roof” this year? Raise it for the blessings that we provide each day despite the adversities that we all come across in life, raise it for the smiles and hugs we share in when our students experience the joy of learning and success, raise it for the impact Pace Brantley has made on your child and your family, and finally – raise it so we can repair the losses and bring in the new.

I thank you for your generosity and the spirit of giving this year. Together, we will overcome these challenging events. May you all have a blessed holiday as we are so thankful for the support you always provide Pace Brantley Preparatory School.

May you and your family have a happy and blessed holiday season.

-Pam Tapley

While Pace Brantley’s mission is timeless, we must also stay at the forefront of today’s education environment to ensure the continuing success of our students and school.  Through continued support of our parents, community partners, and friends through our Annual Fund we are able to provide upgrades to technology and classroom furniture. We are also able to fund professional development and other operational expenses. The Pace Brantley Annual Fund is essential to our annual budget.

Unlike other private schools in the area, Pace Brantley is a school of need, not of choice.  Parents come here to fill a critical and fragile need for their children:  to close the gaps in their learning and overcome the broken school experiences in their past.  Scholarships from programs such as AAA, McKay and Gardiner Scholarships, if awarded, can help to offset these costs on an individual basis, but they will not cover the entire cost of the program for our student families.

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We have students from Pace Brantley School and they are well prepared to begin their undergraduate studies at Beacon College, as they have a tool kit for study.  The return on investment these kids get from Pace Brantley is exceptional.  Pace Brantley is a school that recently had a renaissance and now has a vision for the future to serve more students, and that’s what their major/capital gifts campaign is all about.  At Beacon College we have only two strategic secondary school partners—Pace Brantley here in Florida and Fletcher School in North Carolina.

Dr. George J. Hagerty
President, Beacon College

Watch our Chairman of the Board, Head of School, and a 2017 Alumni share the impact Pace Brantley makes and the need for continued investment from the community