Wizard of Oz 4/21/2021 & 4/24/2021

New Show Dates:

Wednesday, April 21st – 4:30pm

Saturday, April 24th –  5:00pm


New Show Location:

Pace Brantley School Lawn

We will be hosting Wizard of Oz here on campus, on two nights! How exciting! Our students will take the stage on Wednesday, April 21st at 4:30pm and Saturday, April 24th at 5:00pm

Wizard of Oz Cast List

Dorothy– Z.Holz

Glinda– A.Adams

Auntie Em/ “Optimistic Voices” Soloist/ Emerald City Person— V.Visser

Toto– K.Hall

Wicked Witch of the West– G.Mason

Mrs. Gulch/Emerald City Person-K.Murray

Scarecrow– A.Wilson

Tin Man– B.Tanner

Lion– B.Scott

The Wizard of Oz– N.Sego

Professor Marvel/ Emerald City Doorman/ Winkie Guard – J. Holley

Hannah(Hunk’s lines)/Crow/Apple Tree #1/Emerald City Person– N.Mahoney

Haylee (Hickory’s lines)/ Crow/Apple Tree #2/Emerald City Person– A.Tyree

Zeke/ Emerald City Person/ Winkie Guard— P.Anala

Uncle Henry/Emerald City Person/ Winkie Guard— B.Yankelevitz

Niko/ Crow/ Apple Tree #3/Emerald City Person-R.Zelner

Mayor of Munchkin City-  Coach Moles

Munchkin Judge- T.Fuller

Munchkin Coroner- B.Minzner

Munchkin 1- M.Aryafar

Munchkin 2- A.Walker

Munchkin 3- J.Colon-Medina

Munchkin Lullaby League- A.Walker, K.Dix, and A.Tyler

Munchkin Lollipop Guild- P.Swanson, D.Padawer, and L.Camacho


Dorothy Understudy- A.Adams

Glinda Understudy- V.Visser

Auntie Em Understudy- A.Adams

Mrs. Gulch Understudy- G.Mason

Wicked Witch of the West Understudy- K.Murray

Scarecrow Understudy- N.Mahoney

Tin Man Understudy- A.Tyree

Oz Understudy- J.Holley

Hunk understudy- A.Wilson

Hickory Understudy- B.Tanner

Zeke Understudy- B.Scott

Niko Understudy- P.Anala

Toto Understudy- N.Mahoney

*If the person who is originally cast in the role is out- the understudy would play both roles