Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Musical

We are excited to announce that this year’s musical will be Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Participation in the performing arts allows students to be creative, grow their self-confidence, overcome anxieties, and collaborate with others to create beautiful works of art.

Presenting this year’s cast for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

Willy Wonka- Kyle D

Candy Man/ Phineous Trout/Narrator- Cole S

Charlie Bucket- Aidan W

Grandpa Joe- Jackson H

Augustus Gloop- Trebor F

Mrs. Gloop- Gabrielle M

Violet Beauregarde- Kassidy M

Mr. Beauregarde- Anthony A

Veruca Salt- Jayda M

Veronica Salt (Veruca’s sister lines split)- Valerie V

Mr. Salt- Connor M

Mike Teevee- Leo H

Mr. Teevee- Pranav A 

Mrs. Bucket- Valerie V

Mr. Bucket- Brilan M

James- Ben K

Grandpa George- Brayden Y

Grandma Georgina- Gabrielle M 

Grandpa Gerald (Grandma Josephina’s) lines- Trebor F

Squirrels- Brayden Y, Brilan M, Ben K, Gabrielle M, and Cole S


Willy Wonka- Jackson H

Grandpa Joe- Connor M

 Charlie- Jayda M

Phienous Trout- Pranav A

Augustus Gloop- Ben K

Mike Teevee/ Mr. Bucket- Trebor F

Veruca/Veronica- The other person would take all the lines and she would become one character again

Violet/Mrs.Bucket- Gabrielle M

Augustus/Mike Teevee- Anthony A

Mr. Beauregarde- Brayden Y

Mr. Teevee/Mr. Salt- Cole S

Mrs. Gloop-Ms. Drakesmith

Grandparents/Kids/Squirrels lines would be redistributed to another Grandparent/Kid/Squirrel


Willy Wonka Rehearsal and Performance Calendar