My son was a student at Pace Brantley School…

My son was a student at Pace Brantley School…

“My son attended your school for 7th and 8th grade and your school was truly wonderful for him- 10 years ago.”

Here is an update on my son…

He has grown into a wonderful young man. He graduated WPHS and went to Gunsmith School of Pennsylvania. He worked for Remington in NC. 

He went to Kuwait for 3 years on the military base as a weapons expert and was promoted to Lead armaments specialist, and he has travelled the world Europe and the middle east.

He is now in his second year at The Ohio State University with a major in Intelligence and Security and a minor in Environmental Science. He holds a GPA of 3.6!

He is working very hard and has  obtained a wonderful education. He went to New Zealand to study abroad last summer and travelled in Cambodia and Nepal as well as Columbia and Nicaragua. During the Christmas break he camped and hiked the Grand Canyon.

Thank you so much for allowing him to grow and learn and maintain his self esteem until he was ready.

Your school was a gift from God.


Former Parent