Remote Learning Spring 2020, COVID-19

Spring 2020, Pace Brantley Virtual Happenings

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Pace Brantley implemented a Remote Learning Program during the Covid-19 School Closure.

This PBS Remote  Learning Plan (RLP) provided a flexible teaching and learning framework with guidelines that can be implemented in various scenarios.

PBS’s approach to remote learning is a supplemental approach to the unique learning experience and educational supports that our teachers implement during our traditional brick and mortar school day. We understand that our classroom experience cannot be replicated in a virtual environment, however we take pride in knowing we are able to connect with our students, offer synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities; while providing support for their independent learning needs.

Our teachers were given the flexibility and freedom to practice and experiment with new technology methods and learning platforms to provide content and effective feedback to support student learning, individual needs/accommodations, and continued growth.