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Your influence, your time and your financial gifts help create an impact at Pace Brantley School.

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Student Sponsorships Available.

We are so honored and privileged to serve the students we do, each day. A monthly, by the semester or yearly sponsorship would help provide tuition assistance or programs of support for students.

Community Business and Individual Partnerships Available.

Businesses and Individuals in our community can partner with Pace Brantley School to provide support for our on-campus programs, health and safety initiatives, and growing technology needs. Partnerships will be showcased on our website, social media, and in publications to supporters of Pace Brantley School.

While Pace Brantley’s mission is timeless, we must also stay at the forefront of today’s education environment to ensure the continuing success of our students and school.  Through continued support of our parents, community partners, and friends through our Annual Fund we are able to provide upgrades to technology and classroom furniture. We are also able to fund professional development and other operational expenses. The Pace Brantley Annual Fund is essential to our annual budget.
Unlike other private schools in the area, Pace Brantley is a school of need, not of choice.  Parents come here to fill a critical and fragile need for their children:  to close the gaps in their learning and overcome the broken school experiences in their past.  Scholarships from programs such as AAA, McKay and Gardiner Scholarships, if awarded, can help to offset these costs on an individual basis, but they will not cover the entire cost of the program for our student families.

We have students from Pace Brantley School and they are well prepared to begin their undergraduate studies at Beacon College, as they have a tool kit for study.  The return on investment these kids get from Pace Brantley is exceptional.  Pace Brantley is a school that recently had a renaissance and now has a vision for the future to serve more students, and that’s what their major/capital gifts campaign is all about.  At Beacon College we have only two strategic secondary school partners—Pace Brantley here in Florida and Fletcher School in North Carolina.