We are extremely excited to announce that this year’s musical will be Aladdin! Participation in the performing arts allows students to be creative, grow their self-confidence, and collaborate with others to create beautiful works of art.

This year our performances will take place at Lake Brantley High School on Saturday, March 9th at 1pm and 6pm.

Ticket presales have ended. Tickets are available at the door.

Congratulations to the Cast of Aladdin!

Aladdin- Christian J
Genie- Aidan W
Jasmine- Jayda M
Iago- Kassidy M
Jafar- Blake S
Sultan- Trebor F
Arabian Nights Soloist- Abigail C
Babkak- Abigail C
Omar- Elijah S
Kassim- Anthony A
Prince Abudullah- Jack K
Rajah (Jasmine’s tiger)- Audrey S
Manal- Camila I
Isir- Saree I
Sierna- Imani K
Abu- Parker S
The Magic Carpet- Daphne B
Apple Vendor- AJ S
Fortune Teller- Jaxson C
Shop Owner- Lauren C
Beggars- Daphne B and Jagger Y

Beggers/Agrabahahns/Ensemble- Daphne B, Jagger Y, Anthony A,
Lauren C, Parker S, Jack K,  AJ S, Jaxson C, Saree I, Camila I, Imani K

Female Swing- Kassidy M
Male Swing- Blake S


Important Information

Aladdin Rehearsal Schedule