Pace Brantley Solar Bears Game – November 5th

Pace Brantley is going to a Solar Bears Game!

We are taking the “show” on the road to the Amway Center!  Yes, the entire “show”! Everyone is heading to the Amway Center on Tuesday,November 5th to enjoy a Solar Bears Game.

All PBS students and staff will spend the morning with Orlando’s professional hockey team, at the Amway in a field trip atmosphere, where students will enjoy a unique educational experience while witnessing the fast-paced action of live ice hockey. Students will receive hockey-related educational materials that are consistent with STEM standards, a souvenir, and a complimentary lunch. This field trip will unite us as a Pace community and provide an off-campus experience for all of us!

We are planning to be off campus from 9:00-2:30pm.  This is a student only field trip, as we are solely focused on building camaraderie, community, and engagement with the staff and students. We do understand there may be circumstances where students are unable to attend, or wish not to attend. Any student that does not attend this event will be given excused absence for the day. Since we will all be away from campus, any student not attending will need to have alternate plans for November 5th as school will not be open.

As a school, we are excited to take the show on the road! We hope you can join in our enthusiasm and share the spirit of inclusion and fun with your child….let’s build the hype!